A true Live Angel Martha Messer 7-6-29 to 12-27-95

She left us way to early, we were given no time to prepare She left a hole so large in us it can never be repaired She loved us all in different ways, giving us each what it was we needed She knew exactly how to pick us up even when we felt defeated She made everything seem so easy , raising her kids all on her own She made us all feel loved, and special, no matter what was going on She was a true life angel and we were blessed to have her in our lives She tought us so many lessons, on what is needed to survive She tought us to be honest, to be loyal, and to be kind She taught us grandkids to listen,share our toys, and to mind. She taught us to love our family, but to put noone above the lord She taught us many other things, and the importance of keeping our word She gave us the strength to go out in the world and live productive lives, She gave us all the tools we needed, with one lesson never crossing her mind. The lesson my sweet grandmother forgot was the hardest one we ever had to face The lesson is how do we recover when the rock that held our family together is no longer in its place. Author Dawn Vance McDaniel – Martha’s granddaughter



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