black snake and the family milk cow

this story  was told to me when i was just a girl,  about black snakes that would milk the family milk cow, but any way here is how it was told to me.  There was a family of nine kids that lived up the hollow. They had a milk cow name besty, ever morning and eveing the dad would milk her, as time went on she gave less milk, so she was given more feed, so she would give more milk, but she gave less milk, the dad final called in another farmer to check her out to fine out what was the matter with her, but there no signs of nothings, to stop her for giving more milk, this puzzled them both,  so one morning real early, the dad went to the barn to give her more extra feed, because the cow was milked around 6am ever morning then around 7 pm. so by giving her extra feed around 4am this would  make her give more milk, as the dad enter the barn  he could not belive his eyes,  there was a black snake sucking the cow.  just like a calf would, the dad grabed a hoe and cut the black snake into,   after he killed the black snake the cow started giving more milk, again. the dad never did have no more problem with the cow of giving milk again.

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  • September 20, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Bonnie-I’ve heard a similar story in my area of Appalachia-western NC. Neat!

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