Deer Hunting Season

Men in Appalachia take Deer Hunting Season very seriously.  From the time they are small boys, they are groomed into being hunters.  There is no prouder moment in a mountaineers life than his first Buck, mounted on the wall with his name and the date engraved below it.  They are heirlooms that are passed down from father to son for generations. 

I was born in February of 1976.  It was in that same year that my dad killed his first deer.  I often tell him that 1976 was a good year for him.  It came in and went out with a bang.  Two of the greatest acheivements, his first child and his first deer, were acheived all in the same year.  Its a wonder his heart could take all of the excitement.  But its hard to keep a mountaineer down and he survived.

My father’s deer is mounted and proudly displayed in the basement of his home along side his father’s first deer.  Not too long ago, I really looked at the deers and there it was, staring back at me, the dates!  My father had snagged his first trophy before my papaw had.  I looked at my dad and said “you killed one first”.  You could see the twinkle in his eye.  He said, “yea”, but I know what was going through his mind and it was, “why yes, yes I did”. 

Both of these deers will be passed down to my brother, Gary.  In turn, he will pass those down to his son George along with his deer and so it will go, from generation to generation.  Although George is not being raised in Appalachia, I have no doubt that hunting runs in his blood and one day, he too will look forward to Hunting Season.

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