growning up on mill creek road fort gay wv

a lot of things have  changed since i lived on mill creek road, i can remember there was a dirt road now black top, tv antanta now cable tv where thompson school used to be apartments, and well water now they are putting city water in. i rember the stores on mill creek  arbie and ruth branham  then hazel damron and page damron took over the store, then there was nathan and lotius sword they too had a store on mill creek, i  can rember when i walked in either stores they was very nice to me. good down to earth people, and there was one special person that lived on mill creek it was jean b sword she would write about the people on mill creek road in the wayne county newspaper.  she also wrote poems too.  and there was the hog killing in the fall, we would kill a hog and hang it up in the smoke house and salt it down, and there was the soap making too from the hog fat, then there was the quilts was made  from scrapes of old clothes i rember the feed sacks that my mom used to make our under wear out of  the feed sacks,  and dresses too. i rember one time she made mine under wear so long it was down below my knees,   she used a singer sewing machine that you would have to pump to sew, and there was bath time we would heat our water on a wooden cook stove then pour it in to the tub. to bath in ,  now washing clothes was either done on a wash board or a wringer washing machine,  we hung our clothes out side if it snowed or rain we would hang them in side next to the stove or the fire place, speaking the fire place we would banke it with ashes before we would go to bed so it would burn slow all night.  and when it was farming time we would all help, we either used a mule or a horse to plow our garden with,  and chickens we had them for meat  or eggs, and a christmas time it was very special we would go out and fine an tree and cut it down, once home we would start to make a paper chain and then  pop corn to make a rope out of it. and there was the star that was made out of a box of ceral and tin foil  that was placed up on top of the tree.   and the gifts was home made,  this is what i rember about growning up on mill creek,  the people was family they never knew a stranger  we never locked out doors at night,  and if some body was in need we tryed to help them. 

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  • May 7, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I too remember Sword grocery and Lotius. She was such a friendly, grandmotherly lady. Very sweet. I also went from Kindergarden to 4th grade at Thompson Elementry School. Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us!

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