Haunted Battlefields of the South

Haunted Battlefields of the South

Historian Bryan Bush and Storyteller Thomas Freese bring exciting and chilling tales of the ghosts of the War Between the States! 

The ghosts of Civil War soldiers still inhabit the battlefields of our Southern States. Veteran re-enactor and historian Bryan Bush traveled to battlefields and researched both tactical history and on-the-ground life of soldiers on both sides of the War.  He and co-author Thomas L. Freese interviewed re-enactors and photographed the places and people who immersed themselves in recreating the soldiersâ?? camp, social, travel and martial activities. Shots ring out, visitors hear soldiers on the march and see phantom figures, tents and cannon. In first-hand accounts, spirits of Confederate and Union soldiers join re-enactors for breakfast, call them to the line and entreat us to â??never again let this happen.â?? Over a dozen haunted battlefields carry chilling stories, such as Perryville, Sacramento, Stones River, Shiloh, Franklin and Andersonville Prison. Read about the battle fog, lost Rebel drummer boy, bloody pond, invisible rifle volleys, disappearing cemetery and many other amazing tales.



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  • December 21, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Check back with Appalachianfolk.com . We will post a link so you can get this amazing book as soon as it is released. I have been fortunate enough to obtain a copy pre-release date. I can assure you that it is wonderfully written and chillingly exciting! Its a must have!!!!!

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