Haunted History: Thomas Freese Brings It to Life!

 Thomas L. Freese is a successful author, storyteller and artist. He has written six books including five books of ghostly tales. His first book was Shaker Ghost Stories from Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. He also freelance writes for magazines, including Lexington (Kentuckyâ??s) Chevy Chaser Magazine. Mr. Freese performs over a dozen educational and entertaining story programs for people of all ages, playing guitar, harmonica and other musical instruments. His other books include Haunted Battlefields of the South: True Tales of Civil War Ghostsâ?¦Fog Swirler and 11 Other Ghost Storiesâ?¦Strange and Wonderful Things: A Collection of Ghost Stories With Special Appearances by Witches and Other Bizarre Creatures and How to Make Southwest Jewelry in Wood. His website is www.ThomasLFreese.com.

About the book:
Ghosts, Spirits and Angels presents compelling and true tales from over seventy-five individuals with stories set in Kentucky and a dozen other states and two countries. This unique panorama of paranormal and spiritual incidences is laid out by ordinary folks who happen to live in haunted houses, come up to the edge of spiritual realities and are blest to encounter angels. Ghosts, Spirits and Angels makes a dramatic statement in spreading the net wider than just ghostly tales to bring in true accounts of the simply amazing. Lives are forever changed by these encounters in such stories as a dead friend saving a would-be author from throwing away her first book manuscript, a Kentucky girl who grows up with a witch who married into their family, angel wings that caught a skier who fell off a cliff and the arrival of a cash-filled envelope addressed by someoneâ??s deceased mother postmarked after her death. There are tales of shadow people from very haunted Waverly Hills TB Sanatorium, an account of Tennesseeâ??s Bell Witch, a humorous tale of a familyâ??s ghost cat and the touching story of an angelic emergency responder.
Thomas L. Freese well knows tales of the unusual but true as Ghosts, Spirits and Angels is his fifth book of ghost stories. Through personal interviews and travels, research and photography, storyteller Mr. Freese brings over ten years of gathering tales of the unusual into a quality, collectible book of mystery, awe and spiritual refreshment.

Ghosts, Spirits, and Angels by Thomas Freese is the first collection I have seen that presents paranormal encounters in three separate categories. These are true stories of real, normal people that illustrate the roles that ghosts, spirits, and angels play in our lives. These are not the usual retold tales. These are intriguing, original stories. Included are many enriching photographs of haunted sites and unexplained phenomena caught on film. It is not only an entertaining book, but it is well researched. The book has wonderful variety! I really loved it.

You will read of a â??cursed mink stole,â?? ghosts in hospitals, â??power tools in Heaven,â?? family ghosts, and the â??ghost next door.â?? You will learn of haunted historic and public places– â??The Ghosts of La Grange,â?? the Bell Witch Cave, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and others–that you can check out for yourselves. You will thrill to accounts of â??Bright Light Figures,â?? good and bad spirit energy, Civil War spirits, and â??The Healerâ??s Story.â?? You will be touched by encounters with baby angels, guardian angels, the â??Little Crippled Angel,â?? and people who are angels on earth.

Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, you will be left wondering and perhaps acknowledging some experiences of your own that you canâ??t explain. This is a book that makes you go back again to look at the separate categories and to look closely at your own faith. This is an invaluable book to help clarify experiences with the ghosts, spirits, and angels because they will always be around!

Reviewed by Roberta Simpson Brown
Author of seven books of scary stories, including Queen of the Cold-Blooded Tales, Lamplight Tales, and co-author of soon-to-be-published Kentucky Ghosts for All Seasons with her husband Lonnie E. Brown

Here is what readers say about Thomas L. Freese and his wonderful ghost story books.

I am particularly enjoying the Fog Swirler short story book. You have a wonderful imagination and you certainly are a terrific storyteller. I’m reading both that and Shaker Ghost Stories!

Della Lang, Author

I got one of your books at the library the other day. The ghost story of the thing with parts that came from some well in Old Louisville REALLY freaked me out. Not because I am scared of parts, but because our cat is constantly going nuts at something unseen out the window–I mean she hisses, claws, and scrapes up the window when she sees something that I can’t see, and every time I look out the window now, I expect to see some mini part-creature!
Jean Romano, KY

I carry your book Fog Swirler with me all the time. You have to write another book or two. I’m finished with both of yours and now I need another one. You have a very captivating way of writing. Truly, you are a storyteller! I enjoyed all the stories in both books but Fog Swirler is my favorite. Keep going. I’m waiting for the next volume! It’s a great read! Fog Swirler is my kind of book, where I can grab a quick story in between running here and there. Your book is better that the Ellery Queen Mysteries because I have been to some of these places! Itâ??s scary and cool!
Lorie Flerlage, Teacher, KY

We listened to the CDs and my husband and I thought they were outstanding! There is not a weak story in the bunch. We both think that this is one of the VERY BEST collections of scary stories EVER!!! You deserve tons of praise for the stories!
I bought both your books and just finished with the Shaker Ghost stories and thoroughly enjoyed it. The very best part for me was that I could hear your voice, your wording and the way you phrase things as I read. It was like you were reading it to me in my head, and I loved that part of it. Having pictures of the places you were discussing also made it special somehow. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I canâ??t imagine the power of singing the music and feeling the spirit of it all. I especially like the stories about the spirits singing along. I am halfway through with the Fog Swirler. I am enjoying this one as well!
Karen Richardson, OH

I read “Sum of the Parts” this morning and really enjoyed it! I am very pleased that something I wrote inspired a story and am looking forward to reading the rest of your stories.
Keven McQueen, Author

My six-year old twins are enthralled with your book. At my son’s request, I started reading it to them. I’ll read a little episode of a ghost sighting, and look up at them meaningfully. They’ll say, in a low, ominous whisper, “Ghost!” It’s a delight to see their eyes widen at the idea … and to see them so easily suspend disbelief.
Carolyn Flynn, Author

I just finished reading Haunted Battlefields of the South. You have a wonderful book! Even though my husband is the Civil War fan in this family, I was just spellbound by the fast pace action. I really felt like I was there. I especially enjoyed reading about Ulysses Simpson Grant who is supposed to be a distant relative of mine. Congratulations on a good job. I hope you sell a million plus!!
Roberta Simpson Brown, Author

I have been reading your book. I love it. The stories are what I expected. No Amityville here, thank god. I do believe in sightings that people proclaim to have seen. There are just too many for some of them not to be true. They are not going to hurt us and what it means as far as the afterlife I do not have a clue. I like having spirits around. For me, it is a connection to something.
Patricia DeChurch

I am so proud of you and your writing. You really know how to tell a story and you do so on paper just as well as you do with the oral tradition. I absolutely love the books. I showed my parents your books. Daddy picked it up and started reading! I have never in my life seen my father read anything fiction. He loved Sum of the Parts. We even discussed it. He thought it was creepy, but good. He said it was believable. Then he kept reading! He laughed when he read the opening paragraph to Dare Gone Bad. I asked him if he liked it, and he said, “Listen to this …” and then he read the first few lines – OUT LOUD. See, he grew up with four brothers, and they were always doing stuff like that. He thought you pegged the sentiment and mentality of kids daring each other. My Dad said your stories were great. Yes, I said GREAT!
Kristy Cox, writer

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