Larry Muncy: Poet and Inspiration

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to a wonderful, intelligent and determined young man who has overcome more in his 33 years of life, than most of us will face in a lifetime. Larry has not shied away from adversity, but faced it head-on and overcame. He is such an inspirataion, not only to those facing adversity in Appalachia, but those facing adversity everywhere. In Larry’s own words: “Failure is an excuse used by those who choose not to succeed.â??

The world is a better place with Larry in it, and I hope you will read his book of poems which will move you in ways you have never imagined.

Larry Ronald Muncy II was born November 8, 1976, in Louisa, Kentucky. He lived in a single wide trailer with his parents, Larry and Barbara Muncy, behind his grandparentsâ?? house in Warfield, Kentucky, before moving to Crum, West Virginia, at the age of six. Larry lost his father when he was only eleven years old and then was paralyzed in an automobile accident on February 13, 1991, when he was fourteen. That was not the only tragedy in this accident as an infant was killed as well.  Larry now advocates Highway Safety, encouraging people to use proper seatbelt restraints and child safety seats as these life-saving devices were not in use by anyone in this horrific accident. 

Larry will not tell you he is glad he is a C5 quadriplegic, but he will tell you being a quadriplegic has made him a better human being. Paralysis has not kept Larry from living a successful life, and he is proud that most of his major accomplishments have come after his being paralyzed. Larry will also tell you his greatest treasure is his younger brother, Charles Edward Webb Jr., and he enjoys watching him grow from a child into a young adult. He also treasures the fact he is closer to his mother than ever before.

Larry wrote his first poem for his mother when he was twelve years old. His first poem was published when he was in the eleventh grade, and he acknowledges his thanks to his high school English teacher Mildred Varney. Some people may find some of Larryâ??s work to be dark or sad, and he admits some of it is. Yet, Larry believes all emotions have a place in the poetic world. He hopes his darkness will somehow help others see the light.

In addition to being a poet and advocate of proper automobile safety restraints, he is an amateur comedian and has performed at the Funnybone in Huntington, West Virginia.  He is also an artist who paints with my mouth.  He has rafted the Chattahoochee River (as a quadriplegic), and is working with a company in Ohio to go tandem skydiving. 

One Of Larry's Paintings
Mouth Painting

Larry is currently publishing his first book of poems.  Check back periodically for a link so you can get your own copy!

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