love ky.wouldnt trade it for the big city

we moved from johnson co. to columbus ohio when i was about ten years old after thirty years in the city working in columbus you got up at three in the morning you was on the go full speed ahead all day . I was in lawrence co. visting met my wife of thirty four years live in columbus about four years my father in law talked us to move to louisa it was the best move we ever made. we had good jobs, great people,nice town lifeis easy going. my neice was down from ohio this past weekend ask if i would like to move back to columbus and get out of these mountains I told her no she said that was smart she said you guys have drugs and law breakers but  we do to your guys maybe everyday or two she we have a break in, rapes, murder, stabbings every five mintues so stay where you are at . she said it was a nice place to be and after thirty four years i wouldnt trade for any big city

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