Maw's Fried Kraut Recipe

Many people have read the story on Appalachian Folk about my Maw’s Fried Kraut. I  have had requests for the recipe and so, in the interest of giving the public what they want, here it is!  I hope you enjoy it!



1 jar of kraut, drained  (you can use 2 or 3 cans if you don’t have a jar of kraut.  Maw would have canned the kraut herself from cabbage she grew in her garden and would most likely not approve of the “buy it at the store” method, but that’s were I get mine.  I’m sorry Maw.)

1 large tablespoon full of bacon grease (If you are from Appalachia, I know you have some in your refrigerator saved up for just such an occasion. If you are not from Appalachia try some lard or Crisco.�

1 bannana pepper (chopped)

Salt and Pepper (necessary if you are from Appalachia, but optional if you are from outside of the region)


Heat Bacon Grease (or whatever type of grease you are using) until the point where you can toss a small piece of kraut into it an it fries and doesn’t just lay there.  When your grease is hot and passes the “ready to fry” test, place your drained kraut and the chopped banana pepper into the pan and fry at least 5 minutes, or until the kraut reaches whatever consistency of  brown or “burnt” you like.  It is important to stir often.  When you reach the desired level of frying, toss in a pinch of salt and 2 or 3 shakes of pepper (or however much you want, again, this is your show), stir and remove from heat. 

If you have your own recipe you would like to share, be it fried kraut or something else, please post it to our “recipes”.

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