Mission Of Hope: Sharing Hope in Rural Appalachia


Mission of Hope is a charity/volunteer organization who’s goal is to help impoverished children and their families in rural Appalachia.

Currently, the specific campaigns and programs that the Mission of Hope undertakes throughout the year are as follows:

  • Christmas Campaign

  • Back-To-School Campaign

  • Spring Resurrection Programs

  • Healthcare Events

  • Construction Ministry

  • Resource Ministry

To meet the ever increasing requests for assistance presented to the Mission of Hope, the charity receives contributions from a number of organizations, businesses and civic groups as well as the general public during their specified campaigns and throughout the year. Collections of toys, clothes, food, books, furniture, hygiene items and financial donations are given to the Mission of Hope who, acting as a clearing house, distribute the items to those in need. Financial contributions are used to purchase items which can not be otherwise secured to meet the needs of the schools and ministries. Several businesses graciously support the Mission of Hope by providing goods and/or services at greatly reduced prices. In addition, 29 churches, representing a multitude of denominations in the Knoxville, TN area, assist the Mission of Hope on a year round basis to see that needed supplies are collected and made available for redistribution to schools, missions and ministries on a year round basis. The Mission of Hope has developed a supporting resource network of local businesses, schools, and churches that have generously given of their resources, time and labor to help go to and assist a mission field â??just up the road and on the other side of the mountainâ?? from Knoxville. They are now involved not only in Knoxville, but also in surrounding areas including some Kentucky counties.

The Mission of Hope is a fully tax deductible non-profit (501c3) Appalachian relief organization.  The 2002 audit confirmed that the Mission of Hope gives back 89.99% of every dollar to the people to whom they minister.

Find out how to get involved through giving of your time, money or other recourses at http://www.missionofhope.org . 

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