Point Me to the Courtroom

I look very young for my age, I always have.  I left home for college and attended the University of Kentucky for both undergraduate studies and law school.  I graduated from law school and passed the Bar Exam at the age of 25.  I decided to remain in Lexington, KY to practice law and joined a local litigation firm. 

Shortly after beginning to practice law, I was given the assignment of covering a motion in one of the small counties in South-Eastern Kentucky.  Even though I was from the mountains, I had never really been exposed to small town courthouses except for the occasional need to go in and renew my driver’s license when I was younger. 

I remember distinctly going into a very quaint little courthouse and being overcome with the sent of tobacco smoke.  This was not what I was accustom to so it really took me aback.  What was even more strange was that in the middle of this smoke was a woman sitting in a wheel chair with her family.  This would not have been as big of a deal if she were not on oxygen.  Her tank was right by a guy who was smoking.  I said, Lord, don’t let me die here, let me get back to Lexington first.

Being that this was my first time at this particular courthouse, I needed some help finding the courtroom.  I asked a lady who acted like she knew what the heck was going on, “Could you please tell me where the circuit courtroom is?”  She looked at me, smiled warmly and said, “Honey, who is your lawyer and I’ll help you find him.”  I looked at her, practically about to laugh and said, “I am the lawyer, just point me in the right direction and I can take it from there.”  She was in shock and embarrassed.  She apologized, but I just laughed and told her not to worry.  I was used to people assuming that I was much younger than I appeared and I said, “It’s okay, I’ve been using wrinkle cream since I was 12 or 13.  My mom is OCD.”  She perked right up and wanted to know exactly what I was using.  Eventually, after obtaining the “important wrinkle fighting information” she directed me to the appropriate room where I made my appearance.  Luckily the oxygen tank didn’t blow up and I make it back to Lexington just fine.  I wonder if that woman ever found her wrinkle cream.  I should have given her a card so I could keep updated on her status.

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