Wilson "Rome" Meade, 58,Dies In Mining Accident

Its a sad day in Harlan County, Kentucky.  Mr Wilson “Rome” Meade, a veteran underground coal miner, died last night from a terrible accident.  Although I do not know Mr. Meade or his family, my heart is saddened deeply by this news.  These kind of stories always “hit home” for me.  Please pray for his family and friends as they deal with his untimely death.  Unfortuanately at this time, I do not have an obituary to honor Mr. Meade’s family members on our Mining Memorial.  I will work on getting one as the family deserves to be named and acknowledged for their sacrifice. 

Mr. Meade, I would like to both personally and on behalf of Appalachianfolk.com thank you for your service in the coal industry.  May you rest in peace.

The Herald Leader has reported that Mr. Wilson “Rome” Meade, a Foreman at D&C Mining Corp, lost his life in an equipment accident on Tuesday, June 9th, 2009.  He was pronounced dead at 8:15pm at the Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital.  He had been a miner for 40 years.  According to The Herald Leader “another worker was using a scoop to haul a trailer load of concrete blocks being used for construction inside the mine when a chain came loose and the load of blocks,rolled down a slope crushing Meade against the conveyer, the report said.”  The U.S. Mine Safety and HealthAdministration reported that Mr. Meade’s death was the first fatal accident in an underground coal mine in the United States since October 2008.  Meade is the 7th coal miner in the U.S. and the 3rd in Kentucky to die on the job in 2009.

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