Wooden Jewelry Artist Thomas Freese Releases Book

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  Making Wood Jewelry Southwest Style

  By Thomas L. Freese Artist, Author and Storyteller

 Schiffer Publishing, 2010, ISBN # 978-07643-3414-6

  Nonfiction, paperback, 64 pages, 168 color illustrations

  Retail: $12.99, ($13.77 with tax, add $5 for shipping)                            

  Release March 2010!

Making Wood Jewelry Southwest Style

Through wonderful photographs teaching artist Thomas Freese shows how to make the beads, pins and earrings he enjoyed crafting for 25 years.


Making Wood Jewelry Southwest Style is a fun guide to the step by step creation of simple wooden jewelry projects. Visual artist and author Thomas Freese shares his experience in crafting pins and earrings with that most wonderful of natural materialsâ??the wood that grows as trees in our Earth and glows with warmth as harvested and appreciated in natural, wood burned or brightly painted objects of art. From practical safety tips to best tools, design discussion and completed with many project photographs, Making Wood Jewelry Southwest Style outlines the how to, the details and the appreciation of hand crafting in wood. Thomas Freese lived 11 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico and brings his experience as craftsman and teaching artist to share in the joys and practical tips of working with woods to wood burn, inlay stone eyes, re-saw exotic woods, use the rotary and belt sanders, create beads and more.


A step by step guide to making wooden jewelry by Artist Thomas Freese

One thought on “Wooden Jewelry Artist Thomas Freese Releases Book

  • March 14, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Thomas is a dear friend of mine and I hope you can come out and support him. He lives in Louisville, but he will do speaking engagements just about anywhere if you are interested in having him appear at your child’s school, ect. Not only does he make great jewlery, but he also is a wonerful storyteller! Kids and adults alike just love him! Check out his website too!

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